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Paul Bodeau of Why Not Engineering was a presenter at the ISA Automation West Conference, Training, and Exhibition. Held the 26th through the 28th of April, 2004. His presentation has been video recorded to use as a training video for explaining IEC 61508.
Date Line: April 2004

Paul Bodeau prepared his presentation entitled: "Three Steps to IEC 61508 Functional Safety Management System" which he presented in Long Beach, California at the Long Beach Convention Center. His presentation was informative and helpful in identifying a successful approach to IEC 61508 for those who were present. You can request to see his presentation on video tape by contacting Paul C. Bodeau.

Christian Avery Bryant has joined Why Not Engineering.
Date Line: April 2004

Christian Avery Bryant has joined Why Not Engineering to head up our configuration management effort. We are happy to have such a talented friend and accomplished programmer lend his valuable time and effort to making Why Not Engineering the best and the most desired consulting firm.

Why Not Engineering Begins Planning for First IEC 61508 Product
Date Line: February 2004

Why Not Engineering is in the planning stages for the development of a generic E/E/PES in compliance to the Why Not Engineering generic IEC 61508 procedures. Development of this product using our generic procedures will allow us to seek certification from Sira. This certification may very well include the first certification of software (IEC 61508-3) for Sira. A schedule will be posted when development plans firm up.
There is a real need for a product meeting SIL 3 or 4 hardware and software to be developed in the world. Market needs dictate a SIL-3 or 4 level introduction might be right at this time.

There is no doubt that 2004 is shaping up at Why Not Engineering. Our products and services are timely for companies seeking a fresh approach to IEC 61508 and ISO 9001:2000. We are demonstrating that IEC 61508 can be done effectively and done well.

Thank you and keep a watch on this page for news as it happens at WNE.

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June 5, 2017