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Paul Bodeau
Paul Bodeau has over 25 years of diversified engineering experience. This experience includes safety product development to multiple safety standards such as: RTCA/DO-178B, RTCA/DO 254, MIL-STD-882D, ISO/IEC 12207, MIL-STD-498, and for the last several years IEC 61508.

Paul Bodeau has developed hardware and firmware for microprocessor systems that dynamically controlled missile launchers, and flight controls, and simulated torpedo gyros. The differential equations that defined the real time dynamics of these systems were coded in assembly language. The mathematics was done in 8-bit triple precision arithmetic before digital signal processors were developed.
Paul Bodeau used CASE tools to develop requirements on many projects. With these projects the designs were translated from the requirements with traceability.
Paul Bodeau assisted development teams to comply with RTCA/DO-178B as a candidate DER for the FAA.

Paul Bodeau developed quality audit processes to trace RTCA/DO-178B requirements to FAA project processes and work products. This expedited the audit process and permitted objective evidence of FAA project completion. Paul Bodeau assisted a California aerospace firm to SEI-CMM, level 2. Paul Bodeau lead a local California firm to IEC 61508 compliance via a CASS certification. To obtain this CASS certification to IEC 61508 a strong configuration management and quality assurance process was developed.

Paul Bodeau has now founded Why Not Engineering to exploit his many years of engineering experience.

Jeff Bodeau

Jeff Bodeau is currently working in aerospace as a Project Engineer at BAE SYSTEMS. Jeff Bodeau has ten years experience in engineering/project management. He has an BSEE from California State University of Northridge and a MBA from Woodbury University. Jeff Bodeau has been exposed to the IEC 61508 Standard and the CASS Guide.

Jeff Bodeau’s experience has allowed him to be a part of several products full lifecycle (including safety) for several different industries. Jeff has been an Engineer and the Construction Supervisor for Six Flags Magic Mountain. As an engineer Jeff dealt with Ride/Attraction maintenance/safety issues. As the Construction Supervisor Jeff dealt with Los Angeles County Building and Safety, Health Department, Sewer and Sanitation, Fire Department, and other civil authorities to obtain building permits and to address public safety issues in developing Amusement Park Ride/Attractions from concept to opening to the public.

Jeff has been a Systems/Project Engineer for a couple of aerospace companies, where he developed both military and civil aviation systems throughout the projects’ lifecycles with several quality assurance processes. Jeff has developed programs to U.S. Military Standards as well as the U.S. Civil Aviation Standard RTCA DO-178B. Jeff has been a practitioner of ISO 9000, Capability Maturity Model for Software, and other internal company quality processes.

Jeffs current position as a Project Engineer has given him experience in the following:

Technical leadership
Manpower scheduling
Project budgeting
Troubleshooting of Engineering Development Programs
Provide technical support in systems analysis, design, testing, and debug hardware/software

Jeff has been studying both engineering and business practices to merge the two into a “Modular Small Business Unit.” Jeff believes the two disciplines have been at odds and have had different goals at the companies he worked at. Jeff has been searching for a company that has a complete model of itself. He has found business models (financials only) engineering processes (most company functions are not included). Jeff believes that a complete merging of the different pieces of a company that have been defined is necessary for compliance to IEC-61508. This is where Jeff will focus his efforts for Why Not Engineering. This is an effort in work and will evolve with the analysis of IEC-61508 requirements plus the other business standards that define a complete company. The goal is to model a standard translator to convert Management to Engineering and Engineering into Management. To day this effort is handled by company “Super Stars” and is dependent on the people hired. This needs to be changed to allow the entire organization to perform these most critical functions.

Christian Avery Bryant
Christian Avery Bryant Software Configuration Manager and Perl Programmer for Linux and can be reached at: ianaverybryant@users.sourceforge.net or http://sourceforge.net/users/ianaverybryant

With more than 10 years experience in the Open Source and Linux communities, Christian has observed many levels of software development organization. As Software Configuration Manager for 4 major California companies, he took that experience with such tools as the Concurrent Versions System (CVS), and the GNU Bug Tracking Systems (GNATS), and developed several highly efficient SCM systems.

Christian's SCM processes are written in compliance to such standards as the "CMMI-SW, V1.1, CMMI for Software Engineering", "IEEE/EIA Std 12207.0-1996, Standard for Information Technology - Software life cycle processes", and "MIL-STD-973, Military Standard, Configuration Management". Using these processes, he built an SCM system comprised of Red Hat Linux and CVS, and helped secure a CASS certification to IEC 61508 compliance with a leading California Process Industry company.

Recognizing the lack of comprehensive, process-oriented tools in both Open Source and commercial projects, he is currently working towards developing Perl-based tools that aid in the adherence to industry-standard Software Configuration Management practices. With a strong desire to contribute to the advancement of quality in the technolgy industries, Christian's work is all Open Source. His core belief is that the future of technology depends upon the promotion of quality in the processes that lead to product development. Joined with Why Not Engineering, he's confident he can contribute to the quality of your product. Regards, Christian Avery Bryant Perl Programmer for Linux http://sourceforge.net/users/ianaverybryant

Gary Hynds

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Dana Elliott

In Dana L. Elliott's working career he has managed groups as large as 125 employees containing engineers, technicians, assemblers, inspectors, supervisors, and managers. He has experience in managing a variety of departments, such as, Technical Support, Applications Laboratory, Technical Writing, Customer Repairs, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Manufacturing Test, up to four at a time. Many of these departments had budgets exceeding a million dollars each.

Having a understanding of how quality and customer service fit into the big picture, Dana has been instrumental in bringing closure to many nagging problems. Experience in management has taught him not to lose sight of the bottom line while caring for customer satisfaction. Having the esential freedom of the Quality department and the Technical Services oversight function, he has learned that being an outsider (or new comer in a department) gives a perspective that lets him "see the forest for the trees".

Dana L. Elliott has had many successes in his working career that met or exceeded the company's goals. In one instance he turned around customer repair time from 90 plus days to 24 hours in over 98% of the repairs handled. Another success reduced Dead On Arrival problems from one manufacturer from 40% to less than 2%. Another success story was designing a Employee Review Process that quantified the employees value to the organization and adjusted compensation accordingly. Another success story was when he negotiated with various software companies to return the paid license fees per diskette being returned from the retail channels representing thousands of dollars per quarter savings. Of these examples two conclusions become evident: 1] Bad situations don't develop over night, it takes employees quite some time to work into a bad situation they never see coming, 2] Too many employees are willing to sacrifice common sense and replace it with complacency. That is why Dana L. Elliott is a valuable asset to Why Not Engineering. Dana's creed is to provide at least one lasting benefit to his employer every single day no less.

Dana L. Elliott has worked with the following standards: IEC 61508, IEC 61000, ISO 9000, IPC 610 and others. He has written Mission statements, quality manuals, procedures, policies, and work instructions to accomplish the requirements of these standards.

He is certified as a IT systems engineer, a certified electronics technician, and a certified internal auditor for ISO 9000:1994. He currently holds an Extra class Amateur Radio License, which is his major hobby with a minor in Linux and web site design.

Dana L. Elliott has worked with several micro-processors at the micro-code level and up. He is experienced in hard disk drives, power supplies, modems, PC's, IC testers, and process controls, throughout his manufacturing tenure.

He has written test software, designed burn-in racks, built switching power supply testers, done environmental testing from -50 ° C to +85 ° C, and has held more scope probes than he'd like to count.

Now Dana L. Elliott has joined the Why Not Engineering team as the ISO 9000 specialist. His duties will include customer support on site or in the office, IT responsibilities in the office, Web site creation and maintenance, and coffee making.

He looks forward to meeting you and working with your organization to bring you the success you desire.

Rodney Bodeau
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