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Paul C. Bodeau's Published Articles on IEC 61508
Published in 2003 and 2004

The ISA Newsletters, Southern District 11, published by the Instrumentation, Systems & Automation Society (ISA), features a series of short articles on IEC 61508 written by Paul C. Bodeau. IEC 61508 is required whenever a computer-based system is used to carry out a safety function. The purpose of these articles is to give the reader an appreciation for this international standard.

Another thought from Dana Elliott (webmaster), We have finally made it to the software part of the standard. As you begin reading article #8 and later articles you really get into the meat of software creation. Paul C. Bodeau references exact number and clause to allow you to to verify his observations and statements. Many web sites put forth opinions but few guide you directly to the location to verify what has been stated as fact. With that said, Happy reading, and Why Not Engineering hopes these articles help you understand IEC 61508.

The following links will take you to copies of each of the published articles and more will be added as published.

Article #1 - Introduction to IEC 61508 - October, 2003
Article #2 - Why IEC 61508? - November, 2003
Article #3 - Compliance Starting Point - December, 2003
Article #4 - Overall Safety Lifecycle Requirements - January, 2004
Article #5 - E/E/PES Compliance (IEC 61508-2) - February, 2004
Article #6 - E/E/PES Safety Development Process (Objective 1) - March, 2004
Article #7 - E/E/PES Development Documentation (Objective 2) - April, 2004
Article #8 - Software Compliance - May, 2004
Article #9 - Software Development Processes (Objective 1) - June, 2004

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