June 5, 2017 Why Not Engineering IEC-61508 ISO-9001 Compliance Counselors
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Are your Company's products required to comply with IEC 61508 ?
Are your supplier's products required to comply with IEC 61508 ?
As an engineer developing safety products, are you required to comply with IEC 61508 ?
All program controlled micro-processor products should be the safest possible. Why Not Engineering brings cost effective safety products and processes to organizations that develop programmable electronic systems that otherwise present a safety risk to people, the environment, and property. Organizations that develop programmable electronic systems for the process control, medical, petrochemical, military, aerospace/civil aviation, nuclear, insurance, amusement parks, functional electrical stimulation (FES), and government industries need to lower risk for the people, the environment and property. Anywhere that people, the environment, or property are at risk due to programmable electronic systems, Why Not Engineering services are in need.

Safety Product

Why Not Engineering offers "In-house" or "Bolt-on" services to satisfy your needs. Our "Small Business Unit" (Bolt-on) allows you to continue your daily operations without disturbing present operations in order to more easily achieve your goals. Our "In-house" service allows for the efficient additions and effective improvement to your current processes while you continue to provide your customers with on-going production. Each approach is a win-win for you and your customers. Both services offer you the flexibility you desire with multiple options to accomplish your goals. Jump over to the "Contact Us" page and let's begin a dialog to determine your needs and wants.

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June 5, 2017